From Inclusion to Leadership: Advancing Equity in Climate & Environmental Justice

The immediate, strategic and radically impactful response from Black leaders and organizers to the murder of George Floyd has had a seismic impact across social movements. Shaking the foundations of organizations and coalitions that have long espoused a commitment to racial equity, recent events have catalyzed a new clarity that deep structural changes are necessary — not simply to actualize equity but to actually win. Like efforts around police accountability and abolition, Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities have been on the frontlines of environmental movements for generations, but their strategies and solutions have been invisibilized, minimized and tokenized in the historically white-dominant organizations and campaigns that have monopolized financial resources, political agendas and public awareness.

Last year, a group of leaders from the Minnesota’s Climate Equity Table came together for a BIPOC-led strategic planning process centered on “Whose voices, experiences and expertise are being centered in the current environmental landscape? And what are we willing to do about it?”

Join us for a conversation with local leaders who were part of that planning process and other environmental advocates, as we examine how environmental and climate justice narratives and agendas need to not just be influenced but truly led by BIPOC organizers who hold the insight and solutions that can bring real change.

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