Actualizing Equity Recap: Sustaining Ourselves & Our Movements

From housing to public health, community safety to democracy defense, 2020 was an intense and unrelenting year for organizing across every issue. Always leading with love and possibility, leaders of color across the Twin Cities mobilized our communities across issues and identities to advance bold visions for the future, while embracing and visibilizing an ethic of self-care and healing to sustain ourselves and our movements into 2021 and beyond.

At our December 2020 Actualizing Equity event, we explored strategies and practices that we’re carrying forward to ensure we never go back to a “normal” that isn’t liberatory for both ourselves and our communities. 

Speakers included: 

  • Gabriella Anaïs Deal-Márquez, Voices for Racial Justice
  • Brian Rosas, Minnesota Youth Collective
  • Abdulrahman Wako, Union Park District Council
  • LyLy Vang Yang, Take Action Minnesota
  • Eleonore Wesserle, Narrative Justice League / Dreams To Power

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