Blue Line Coalition

The Blue Line Coalition, convened by the Alliance, is rooted in the Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC) and immigrant communities that will be most impacted by the Metro Blue Line light rail extension project. Since 2013, we have been working together to make sure government leaders recognize the project is a racial justice and regional equity issue and that community inclusion and leadership must be central to ALL planning and outcomes.

Our communities have a right to the highest quality transit project and safety improvements — and strong protections to make sure our families are NOT pushed out of their neighborhoods and that immigrant, refugee, BIPOC and low-wealth residents and businesses directly benefits from these new investments. We demand that the Blue Line extension project intentionally seek to repair historic harms and restore the sustainability of our neighborhoods.

This project will have dramatic and daily consequences for countless residents. We see a future where fast, reliable transit options make it possible for a mother to go to her daughter’s soccer game instead of waiting on multiple bus transfers. We see train stops that serve and grow immigrant and BIPOC business districts that create wealth and stability in our cultural communities. We see safe street crossings that make it possible for elders to walk to their community-owned grocery store.

Because of our decades of deep relational organizing and years of engagement on this project, the Blue Line Coalition has the expertise and solutions to make that future a reality. Getting from one place to another cannot be a given for some — and a daily challenge or impossible barrier for others. Quality transportation choices are not just a fundamental civil right that is owed to our communities, but necessary for our region to thrive.

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