Housing Justice League

We are the Housing Justice League, a group of community based organizations advocating for policy change and building grassroots support for housing justice in Minneapolis. 

Together, we are advocating for a strong Tenant Opportunity to Purchase (TOPA) policy that would give all renters the first right to purchase their building when it goes for sale, or transfer that right to a buyer of their choosing.

TOPA is a tenant empowerment tool that seeks to address the power imbalance between property owners and the renters who pay the mortgage. A Minneapolis Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act would promote the transfer of property ownership into the hands of tenants and affordable housing developers by enabling tenants to exercise a first right of purchase when the landlord chooses to sell. Landlords would be required to give notice to tenants and then allow a period of time for tenants to express interest, make an offer, and secure funding. If tenants are not interested in owning the property, they can assign or sell their right.

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At our August 2023 Actualizing Equity event we heard how HJL organizers are advancing the next stage of this critical work, shifting from a mindset of winning a campaign to building a movement for housing equity. Read the recap!