Actualizing Equity Resource: Why Density Isn’t Enough

Panelists from left: Aaron Berc from Jewish Community Action, Tram Hoang from the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs, Monica Bravo from the West Side Community Organization, Mike Lindsay from Sustain Ward 3 and the Alliance’s Russ Adams

In neighborhood debates about new housing development, the simplified battle of the yard signs and bumper stickers boils down to NIMBYs and YIMBYs — Not In My Backyard and Yes In My Backyard. At that surface level, the dividing line is often density, with NIMBYs opposing increased traffic and building heights while YIMBYs preach the benefits of more concentrated housing supply. But that conversation often overlooks the deeper issues related to the role of the private market and the public good. At our April 2019 Actualizing Equity event, we explored the relationship of density to affordability and points of leverage to advance equity over purely private market solutions in housing development and land use decisions in our region.

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