June 22, 2018: Affordable housing resources must be used wisely

End-of-session legislation has gutted the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency’s ability to incorporate any community priorities when directing limited affordable housing resources. This legislation positions private developers to profit at the expense of low wealth and under-resourced communities.

The Fort Snelling Upper Post project is one example of how damaging this shift in policy is and will continue to be. The price tag of the Fort Snelling project is $105 million. $102 million could have built every single multifamily project that MHFA had to turn down in 2017. Those 67 housing developments would have served communities across the state and provided 2,004 new units of housing.

Alliance team member Owen Duckworth worked with members of Equity in Place to craft a response to this legislation. Read their MinnPost article, “Affordable housing resources must be used wisely” >