Session Two

Communities are not monolithic. Every community possesses its own set of rich assets including culture, arts, wealth, knowledge, and relationships. At the same time, many communities—particularly communities of color and American Indian communities—also suffer from chronic disinvestment due to a long history of structural and institutional racism.

The good news is that many people—residents, community leaders, elected officials, other public officials, and nonprofit staff—are working for transformative equitable development (TED). TED ensures that public and private investments create the opportunities that every community needs to thrive.

People committed to TED are organizing and advocating for jobs, housing, education, and other opportunities. They are also making sure that economic investments increase access to parks and recreational opportunities, the arts, and health and wellness benefits.
TED recognizes the importance of choice in housing and values in-place investment in both core cities and suburbs, understanding that people do not need to move to wealthier, whiter areas to find opportunity. Opportunity can and should exist everywhere.
At the second session in the Alliance’s TED series, presenters discussed the current opportunities and challenges facing organizers and advocates of in-place development that does not displace residents.

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