Alliance News: Understanding Our History Can Make the “Minneapolis Miracle” a Reality

Last week, the Atlantic published an article called The Miracle of Minneapolis which praised the Twin Cities metro area for its success in the areas of education, social mobility, affordable housing, tax policy, and high rates of employment. However, while our region continues to top the charts in terms of how well we are doing for white residents, we likewise continue to top the charts in how poorly we are doing for people of color and indigenous people. Here are several articles which challenge the original article’s frame and paint a different story about our region’s historic and current realities.

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Fortunately, there are tangible steps that we can take to close the gaps. Ironically, another article written in the Atlantic shows us the way. The Case for Reparations, written by Ta-nehisi Coates, provides a comprehensive analysis about how cities grow wealth by intentionally excluding and exploiting people of color. The article also discusses what must be done to move forward. Last week, Coates received a 2014 George Polk award for this commentary.

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