“Our AREA 2021” updates and evolves Alliance Regional Equity Agenda!

From housing to public health, community safety to democracy defense, 2020 was an intense and unrelenting year for organizing across every issue in the Twin Cities. 

With the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the murder of George Floyd, it was a year of unprecedented challenges that brought into sharp focus the deep and dangerous inequities in the systems that shape every aspect of our lives. But it was also a year that amplified the voices and expertise of Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities as essential to our collective and as visionaries for a fundamentally more just future. These unprecedented conditions brought transformative change into mainstream conversation. Across issues and geographies, we tapped into our ingenuity and resilience to strengthen solidarity and uplift long-voiced values and sustainable solutions that are no longer unthinkable to policymakers and the wider public.

Our AREA: The Alliance Regional Equity Agenda debuted in 2018 as a living document articulating shared strategies from member organizations and key stakeholders. Through our Actualizing Equity event series in 2020, we heard from leaders representing 34 organizations, capturing their input and expertise to evolve Our AREA with narratives and strategies for 2021 and beyond. 

Our AREA 2021:

  • Is directly informed by the expertise and experiences of dozens of community leaders 
  • Presents key narratives, policies and resources in an engaging, visual format
  • Uplifts poems from activist artists on issues of gentrification and community mobilization
  • Includes a graphic on the principles of Equitable Housing 
  • Expands the conversation about regional equity within the Alliance by integrating insights on community safety and organizing sustainability

Download the full report here!

Download the Equitable Housing graphic

Download the poems “Gentrification” by Fazayah Rose Augustana and “Where’s the commotion?” by Abdulrahman Wako.