Our AREA: Alliance Regional Equity Agenda

Our AREA: The Alliance Regional Equity Agenda is a strategic document centered around the needs and aspirations of people of color, indigenous, immigrant, and low-income communities. It highlights the strategies Alliance members and partners are using and calls for further collective action to heal communities, stimulate regenerative power, dismantle structural racism, and end the displacement and gentrification of our communities.

The 2018 Actualizing Equity Series explored each category from Our AREA in greater depth.

Our AREA in Action

Our AREA is intended to be a living document, evolving with the work of our coalition partners and needs of communities across the region. In this video series, we’ll highlight organizing successes and progress towards Our AREA strategies.

January 2019: Electrifying Metro Transit buses

In the Twin Cities, poor air quality contributes to 2,000 deaths, 400 hospitalizations, and 600 emergency room visits every year. And the biggest contributor to that pollution isn’t power plants. It’s transportation. So in 2018, the Coalition for Clean Transportation formed to address this environmental and health equity issue, setting out to transition the Metro Transit’s fleet to 100% zero-emission electric buses. In concert with other environment and transit equity issues, that effort became a key strategy in Our AREA: The Alliance Regional Equity Agenda.

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