The Alliance provides leadership to the following initiatives.

Actualizing Equity Event Series 

“Actualizing Equity 2019: From Principles to Practice” lifted up how communities and organizers are breaking out of issue silos and co-creating solutions that advance shared objectives and equitable outcomes. In collaboration with Alliance member organizations and other equity stakeholders, we shifted our focus from concepts to solutions, digging into how we can advance the strategies in Our AREA to create real change in our communities.

Affordable Housing

The Alliance’s work to elevate awareness about our region’s housing crisis is moving public officials to discuss important policies and investments. We have organized this work under 3 “pillars:” preservation of current affordable housing, production of new units, and protection of tenants from exploitative, ineffective landlords.

Equitable Development Principles & Scorecard

The Alliance partnered with the Harrison Neighborhood Association, Umoja Community Development Corporation, and members of the Community Engagement Steering Committee to create the Equitable Development Principles & Scorecard, which helps communities ensure that the principles and practices of equitable development, environmental justice, and affordability are available to all residents. We are now working with local communities of color and low-income communities to pilot the tool to advance equitable development in the region. A Scorecard Enthusiasts group has come together to provide resources that make the Scorecard more accessible.

Equity Advisory Committee

The Alliance provides members of the Equity Advisory Committee with supplemental information and strategy support so they can successfully advocate for equity in all Metropolitan Council projects and practices.

Equity in Place

Equity in Place is a diverse group of strategic partners from place-based, housing, and advocacy organizations that believe that everyone in the Twin Cities region deserves to live where they want to live and have access to opportunity. Equity in Place influences planning and investments that will shape the future of the Twin Cities region. The coalition is convened by the Alliance and the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs at the University of Minnesota.

HIRE Minnesota

The Alliance provides core staff and strategy support to HIRE Minnesota, a campaign to end employment disparities in Minnesota. Minnesota is home to some of the worst employment disparities in the country. But HIRE Minnesota has set an ambitious goal: to bring our state from worst to first in employment equity.

Our AREA: Alliance Regional Equity Agenda

Our AREA: The Alliance Regional Equity Agenda is a strategic document centered around the needs and aspirations of people of color, indigenous, immigrant, and low-income communities. It highlights the strategies Alliance members and partners are using and calls for further collective action to heal communities, stimulate regenerative power, dismantle structural racism, and end the displacement and gentrification of our communities.

Southwest LRT Equity Commitments

The Alliance supports a network of community-based organizations focused on how communities of color can benefit from the Southwest LRT project. We have developed targeted strategies that will create wealth and economic opportunity. This transitway is a critical opportunity to increase economic prosperity and advance racial equity in North Minneapolis, as well as across the greater city and region.

Transportation Forward MN

The Alliance is a supportive partner in Transportation Forward MN, a statewide campaign dedicated to building broad support for new investments in transportation. We believe that transportation is critical to support our quality of life, the way our communities function, access to economic opportunity, and the health of our residents and environment.