Self Care Resource: Actualizing Equity Coloring Sheets!

Download the coloring sheets here!

From housing to public health, community safety to democracy defense, 2020 was an intense and unrelenting year for organizing across every issue. And, with the attack on the US Capitol, the start of the Derek Chauvin trial and the year anniversary of the COVID pandemic, 2021 has continued to call on our resilience and hope in the midst of ongoing trauma.

At our December 2020 Actualizing Equity event, we connected with five organizers and storytellers who explored strategies and practices that have carried them through these uniquely challenging times — and asked us to consider how we are doing the same, in our organizing and in our lives. Because we understand the integral role of art in our movements and in our self care, we worked with heather c lou to curate five coloring sheets from the insight of the speakers.

We invite you to download this short coloring book — and share your creativity with us on Facebook or Twitter using #ActualizingEquity!