Actualizing Equity Resource: Creating our Vision for Equitable Housing

Panelists, from left: Ivory Taylor from HOME Line; Carolyn Brown from Community Stabilization Project; Kaaha Kaahiye from Defend Glendale & Public Housing Coalition; Judy Moe from Richfield Disability Advocacy Partnership; Robert Lilligren from Native American Community Development Institute; and Antonia Alvarez and Ry Siggelkow from Pueblos de Lucha y Esperanza MN. See more photos of the event!

Renters now make up the majority of residents in Minneapolis, St. Paul and many other communities across the Twin Cities metro — and tenant organizing is building momentum to reframe how we approach housing justice. For years, “affordable housing” has been at the forefront of many advocacy efforts, with a focus on ensuring the cost of rent is within reach for historically marginalized, low-wealth households. But we know real housing equity goes far beyond affordability, encompassing tenant screening, unit size, cultural practices and so much more.

Our September 2019 Actualizing Equity event included a panel discussion and collaborative visioning session to continue the leadership of Community Stabilization Project and set a new trajectory for equitable, not just affordable, housing.

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