Coalition for Clean Transportation

The Coalition for Clean Transportation envisions a future where all Minnesotans, from urban to suburban to rural, have equitable access to clean transportation options that promote health and connection for all. 

Convened by The Alliance, CCT works to eliminate Minnesota’s transportation-related climate emissions through the increased adoption and availability of sustainable and equitable electrification options, centering BIPOC and under-resourced communities who disproportionately bear the impact of climate change, air pollution, and experience high rates of mobility injustice.

Our Impact

During the 2023 state legislative session, CCT played a key role in advocating for important policies and investments including:

  • $14 million to support school districts in accelerating the adoption of electric school buses into district fleets, creating cleaner trips to school for our kids and cleaner air across the state. This funding will help purchase more than 30 electric school buses and prioritize school districts in communities already facing environmental justice impacts and disparities.
  • Funding for Federal Formula and Discretionary Match Requirements that will enable under-resourced areas to be able to compete for federal funding and Technical Assistance to expand organizational capacity for urban, rural, and tribal communities navigating federal grant applications for critical infrastructure and transportation projects, boosting the ability of underinvested communities to navigate and access federal funding
  • Electric Bike Tax Credit that will promote a cleaner environment by reducing climate change pollution, encouraging healthier lifestyles by promoting physical activity, and reducing transportation costs for Minnesota families
  • 0.75¢ Metro Sales Tax for Transit that will add $314 million in new revenue per year for transit after closing the operating deficit — a key step toward reducing mobility disparities in BIPOC and low-income communities and for people with disabilities

Our 2024 Priorities

Building on our 2023 success, CCT will advocate for $5 million for electric school bus charging infrastructure during the 2024 state legislative session. More broadly, we’ll continue to advance our equitable electrification work focusing on electric school buses, transit electrification, and other shared and public mobility options.

Learn more on the CCT website.


At our May 2023 Actualizing Equity event we heard how CCT worked to pass significant funding to electrify more school bus fleets and prioritize school districts in communities already facing environmental justice impacts and disparities. Read the recap!