HIRE Minnesota

From Worst to First

The Alliance provides core staff and strategy support to HIRE Minnesota, a campaign to end racial employment disparities in Minnesota. Minnesota is home to some of the worst employment disparities in the country. But HIRE Minnesota has set an ambitious goal: to bring our state from worst to first in employment equity.

Since 2009, we have successfully advocated and organized for:

  • More people of color and women getting construction jobs on Minnesota Department of Transportation projects
  • 19.1 percent people of color building the Green Line LRT
  • A stadium equity plan and groundbreaking Employment Assistance Firm to guide hiring for the Minnesota Vikings plan
  • 37 percent people of color building the Minnesota Vikings stadium and an estimated $41 million in wages for people of color

These and other HIRE Minnesota campaign victories are redefining what hiring equity means in Minnesota. Learn more about the campaign at hiremn.org.