Actualizing Equity Recap: Livability & Community Development

Who benefits from new development, or redevelopment, in our cities? 

For generations, the answer to that critical question has too often been private interests focused on profit rather than community members invested in collective wellbeing. But the Equitable Development Principles & Scorecard is providing a powerful tool to organize Black, Indigenous and people of color communities, build power for equitable outcomes and create an actionable process to engage with developers and other stakeholders. At our July 2021 Actualizing Equity event we learned how the scorecard itself is evolving to include livability and heard from organizers and institutional allies who are using the tool in their work.

Moderator: Kai Andersen, Livability Work Group lead

Speakers: Monica Bravo (West Side Community Organization), Princess Haley (Appetite for Change), Yordi Solomone (organizer / livability work group), Hannah Gary and Krysten Ryba-Tures (Metropolitan Council’s Community Development department)

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