Dec 13, 2018: Minneapolis’ inclusionary housing policy framework is needed throughout the region

Days after the passage of an inclusionary housing framework in Minneapolis, Alliance member leaders Nelima Sitati Munene, Executive Director of African Career Education and Resource, Inc. and Aaron Berc, community organizer at Jewish Community Action, shared their insight on the importance of such ordinances across the region in a Community Voices piece published in MinnPost.

The Twin Cities are in the midst of an affordable housing crisis. Just talk to anyone who’s had to find a new place to live in the past few years. We used to pride ourselves in our affordable, livable communities. But if we don’t change our current course, we’re on our way to becoming the next Seattle or San Francisco. Just about all of us agree we have to make a change — so who needs to be part of the solution?

It’s time to stop pretending developers can stand on the sidelines.

Over the past several years, the suburbs have led the metro in adopting mixed-income or inclusionary housing policies. These ordinances make a modest ask of developers: If you want us to help finance your buildings, you’ve got to help us provide affordable housing to those who need it.

Organizations like African Career Education and Resource Inc. and Jewish Community Action have mobilized tenants and residents, from Bloomington to Brooklyn Park, to address the housing challenges that burden thousands of hardworking families every day. Homeowners, landlords, tenants, organizers, activists, elected officials, and public servants are all working toward a more affordable community.

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