Equity in Place Releases Policy Agenda

Equity in Place (EIP) is a diverse group of strategic partners from organizations led by people of color and housing advocacy organizations working to advance housing justice and equitable community development.

Leading with a race equity lens to understand and center how power inequities in our region and society shape inequitable outcomes for our communities, the EIP table has been a powerful voice to ensure that communities of color and low-wealth people have a role in shaping the future of the Twin Cities region.

In our work together over the past several years, we have cultivated a shared analysis, core beliefs, common priorities and framework that centers on 5 Ps: Power, Placement, Protection, Preservation and Production.

Informed by communities most impacted by housing injustice and instability, we have identified four areas for housing policy change, including housing access, housing stability, community ownership and community investment. In our Policy Agenda, we outline the specific policy solutions we recommend, including the impact and citing examples and resources for each.

Download the full Equity in Place Policy Agenda here.