Feb. 19, 2018: Inclusionary zoning in Minneapolis

The term “inclusionary zoning” is used to describe a variety of local measures that either require or encourage developers of larger residential buildings to make a certain percentage of the rental units in a project available to lower income people at less-than-market rents. Housing advocates have been calling for inclusionary zoning in Minneapolis for a decade at least, worried that the city’s failure to act before the current rental housing construction boom represents a lost opportunity.

“Some people would say they blew it, they missed the big expansion moment, and they should have had a policy 10 years ago,” says Alliance Executive Director Russ Adams. “Yes, they should have. But the opportunity still exists to get some decent numbers here. It won’t be the only solution to the affordable housing situation, but it would be a chance to leverage the private sector energy and commitment to investing in the city.”

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