Session Three

In nearly every corner of our region, the public sector, private businesses, organizations, and residents are doing strong transformative equitable development (TED) work, which ensures that infrastructure investments bring tangible benefits to the community. The most effective of these endeavors utilize the skill sets, expertise, and commitment of many diverse partners.

The values of TED require community-led partnerships. TED emphasizes the need for people committed to creating healthy, sustainable outcomes in communities to link arms with other partners working to secure the same goals. It lifts up community-led initiatives and prioritizes the expertise of communities of color and indigenous communities on the ground.

In the third session of the Alliance’s TED series, we highlighted four unique, community-led collaborations from the Twin Cities: the Victoria Theatre Arts Initiative in St. Paul, the Northside Greenway Project in Minneapolis, the North Market in Minneapolis, and the Commons at Penn development in Minneapolis.

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