Alliance News: Introducing Transformative Equitable Development for Healthy Communities Series

The Alliance Twin Cities - Transformative Equitable Development SeriesTrue equitable development reflects the vision of communities of color and low wealth communities, builds wealth and creates healthy outcomes. As our region invests billions of dollars in public and private infrastructure projects, we have an opportunity to ensure developments are transformative by leveraging catalytic investments for these communities. People of color and others who are committed to eradicating racial and economic disparities are bringing their expertise to this work and creating pathways that generate health and long-term well-being.

We are at a time when multiple frameworks and models are being implemented. Current strategies include building community wealth through community cooperatives, entrepreneurship and job training programs; improving the built environment with the connecting investments of transit, walk, and bike infrastructure; and advocating for policy that explicitly names race to change oppressive structures and practices at a fundamental level. These efforts work to ensure that communities within the Twin Cities region have effective strategies to reduce racial disparities, create healthy communities and foster vibrant local economies.

This year, the Alliance will convene regional leaders and practitioners to share their experience and intentionally strategize on the ways in which we can anchor community-led, transformative equitable development in our region. We will create a space where people can come together to elevate wealth building strategies that promote tools and connections in communities across the Twin Cities. Through this work, we will demonstrate how transformative equitable development can create better outcomes for low-wealth communities and communities of color.

Save the date for our series launch:

Transformative Equitable Development series: Naming the Moment
Monday, February 29; 1 – 3 p.m.
Rondo Outreach Library
461 N Dale St.
St. Paul, MN

Stay tuned for more details about this upcoming event!