Celebrating 25 Years

Anniversary party on September 26 | View more photos here

In 1994, a handful of activists formed the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability with a bold vision: uniting across issues and geographies to advocate for smarter growth and social justice in the Twin Cities. Since then, thousands of community leaders have worked together to evolve that vision and turn our hopes for a more equitable region into reality — not only securing funding and policy wins but shifting narratives about power, privilege and who deserves to thrive in our neighborhoods.

Over the past 25 years, the Alliance has evolved as an organization to center a race equity analysis in its work, cultivated deep relationships with community-based organizations across issues and geographies in the Twin Cities region, and co-created campaigns and coalitions that have made significant progress in addressing structural racism and centering historically marginalized communities in housing, transportation, land use, economic and workforce development, and other critical regional issues.

In 2019, we’re honoring the work we’ve done together, reflecting on our collective progress and shared successes — and beginning the next 25 years of progress toward community-defined equity, vitality and prosperity across our region.

25 Wins for 25 Years

To mark our anniversary in 2019, we reflected on our collective work together and curated 25 Wins for 25 Years. Download the PDF!

OUR Alliance blog series

We know our successes have come from coalition and community power, so we’re lifting up the reflections and achievements of leaders from our network who have advanced our collective campaigns for regional equity. Read reflections from stakeholders below!