About us

The Alliance is a coalition of community-based organizations and advocacy groups building shared power to advance strategic campaigns around the intersections of racial justice, economic justice, environmental justice, and health equity. Our mission is to advance justice and equity in economic growth and land development in the Twin Cities region.

regional_equity_vennThe Alliance believes that the people, places, and issues of the Twin Cities are all connected. We find creative ways to link resource allocation and public policy decisions to more equitably benefit every person and place in the region.

Regional equity is a term that describes the complex interplay of racial justice, environmental justice, economic justice, and health equity. It is impossible to separate them, particularly as they relate to how major development decisions get made. Decisions and investments that affect housing, transportation, land use, economic development, and other regional issues affect all of these critical areas. We all have a stake in creating a more equitable Twin Cities region.


Our values

The Alliance operates from a commitment to four core principles:

  • Regional equity. We place racial, economic, environmental, and health equity at the center of every aspect of our work and our organization. These represent four areas of intersecting and overlapping work that create regional equity.
  • Elevating the wisdom of communities. The Alliance believes that people are experts in their own lives and have the best ideas to make positive changes in their communities. We are committed to ensuring that people of all races, income levels, and geographic areas benefit from public decisions and investments; share in decision-making; and have access to opportunities like housing, transportation, jobs, good schools, parks, health care, and more.
  • Grassroots Organizing. The Alliance supports grassroots organizing through coalition building and connecting grassroots organizations to more power and resources. We believe that building power and expanding leadership through organizing is one of the most effective ways to create lasting change.
  • Shared leadership and accountability. As a coalition, one of the most important values driving our work is our commitment to shared leadership, ideas, and resources among many groups and individuals. We strive to be accountable to our members and allies and we work for public accountability to the diverse communities represented in the Twin Cities region.